Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm an assistant to artist, Candy Depew. When I saw her today, I told her about the show. She suggested approaching art buyers for companies. She also said I could time a company's payment with the end of their fiscal year. Departments have budgets and if they don't use them up, they get a lower budget the following year. So they're looking for ways to use up their budget. Helping artists and an organization seeking non-profit status in an up-and-coming area might be something they would be interested in financing and becoming involved with. They could put down a deposit on the piece, or sign a contract, and then pay when it's fiscally convenient. They could also pay over time, like a $100 a month.

After working with Candy, I met with Masha at little berlin. We picked out the space where we'll build the monochrome during the exhibition. It will basically be a 10ft cube delineated by tape on the floor and wall. Everything will be done in that area next to the other artists' work in the show. Masha wanted to know what the color would be. I said I didn't know yet. I wanted the buyers, the people that become involved, and other things that happen before the show to dictate the color. People really just need a couple days to scavenge. Although, a week would be nice.

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