Monday, April 26, 2010

I was talking to a regular at Johnny Brenda's last week. He handles art for museums and private collectors. He said he did a job once for the CEO of Aramark, Joseph Neubauer, and that Neubauer and his wife were art enthusiasts. So I went to the Aramark building. I hadn't really been able to find any information online on who does what at the company so I just asked the woman at registration if I could talk to someone in Marketing. She was more in charge of security and signing people in. She said I could try the information desk next to her. I went through my same spiel. They said I might be able to talk to Kennedy Wilson. They run the building and were around the corner.

I went into the Kennedy Wilson office. The receptionist was laughing about something with a co-worker, which was nice. I spieled her, and she got the Operations Manager. I spieled him, and he said gave me the name and number of a woman in Corporate Services, who handles all the artwork and stuff like that, he said. She was essentially the Art Consultant for Aramark.

He said he was going to call her and let her know I would be contacting her. So I waited and called the next day. Her receptionist told me she was in a meeting and put me through to voicemail. My phone cut out during my message. When I called back to leave another message, she answered the phone herself. She listened patiently to my spiel, mentioned it was somewhat aligned with Aramark's involvement with Earth Week, and then put me in contact with someone in Community Relations. I called and left a message. Someone else called back the next day, and we set up a meeting.

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