Thursday, April 29, 2010

I met with Hyperion Bank's marketing director on Wednesday. She wanted to understand what I was doing there and why Hyperion would want to buy a painting that hasn't even been made yet. I said that this project was about sending a message. Artists pioneer an area and initiate its revitalization and development. When an institution like a bank moves into that area, it confirms and strengthens that revitalization. This project is a way to acknowledge this synergy that continues to happen in developing areas. It's a way to encourage artists and institutions alike.

The piece I'm selling hasn't been made yet. It's essentially a commissioned piece. Since each monochrome is so different from the next, I understand that they're challenging to imagine. But that adds to the excitement of the piece. What I'm offering isn't something made independent of the stewards of the work. I'm offering an interaction, something unique to the stewards and their environment, something they contribute to. We talked about using the color orange and the sun design in their logo. I think we both started to picture something and got excited. She said she would talk to the owner and give me an answer Friday.

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