Monday, April 12, 2010

I talked to Masha today. She told me the show is called "Value City." It starts May 7th, I think. So I have until then to pre-sell this work. I think I want to sell it for $500. I'll ask for that and maybe people could pay part of that as a sponsor, but then they'd have to share the painting. And if someone ends up offering the full amount, the sponsorship is void. Or they can outbid the other buyer, or put their offer towards something else. I want to start approaching businesses tomorrow or Wednesday. Maybe it can be a tax right off for them. If it is I can ask for more. I was going to start small. But I think I should start big. Maybe I'll approach some art institutions in the city, or in other cities. They might be a little tight with their budgets, though, or slower to move. Organizations and businesses in general might feel it's last minute. I can address that by stretching the sales cycle past the show, and tell them any kind of involvement before and during the show would be a part of the exhibition at little berlin. They can also, like everyone else, work on the piece and have a say in the final product. I also want to approach individual buyers.

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