Saturday, April 17, 2010

I contacted one of my sales mentors, Charisse, for advice on cold calling. She works for one of the biggest biotech companies in the world and recently won an award for being #1 in sales in the nation for four straight quarters. I told her I was thinking about approaching banks. She said it's important to talk to the decision maker. With a bank, I should go in and ask for the Branch Manager. She said to be direct and make it as easy as possible for them. If they say they aren't the ones who can make decisions about things like buying a painting, then I should ask who does and get their contact information.

Yesterday, I went into 3rd Federal Bank. I went up to the teller and asked to speak with the Branch Manager. She wanted to know why. I told her I was organizing a collaborative art project in the area and wanted to involve local businesses. I sat down with the Branch Manager and told her about the Monochromes Project. She said she was interested. She didn't have the authority to make the decision to buy the piece, but gave me the information of someone at home office who did, someone in marketing. I called and left a message.

After 3rd Federal, I went to Hyperion Bank and sat down with their Branch Manager. She was also interested and receptive. She started talking about possible colors, using either the blue or the orange from their logo. She liked how the project and the gallery's values coincided with Hyperion Bank's, which has been recognized and awarded as a symbol of revitalization in the community. She told me to follow up with her, but that I also needed to speak with someone in marketing. I happened to meet their marketing director as she was leaving for the day. I got her information, and will contact her to schedule a meeting next week.

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