Monday, August 23, 2010

Orange Unveiling

Emilie Ledieu translating details to French visitors

We had a good turn out at the unveiling. Philadelphia art fixture Donald Carter was there to validate the event. Alex Stolypine brought his family and other Parisian artists, who were in town representing the Paris Embassy and working on the latest Mural Arts Program project in Kensington. People were playing with the orange monochrome and spinning it.

I want to thank Hyperion again and everyone who worked on the project. It was rewarding to be standing up there presenting the piece as it hung in the space I had vaguely imagined months ago. I'm looking forward to the next project, green. I've just gotten word from Buchanan PR, the public relations firm I'm working with, that Benjamin Rush Arts Academy is interested in collaborating with us and incorporating the educational components of this project into their curriculum.

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